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Finding artwork to use for t-shirts can be difficult. Here are some options for designs on t-shirts that include current and retro and vintage clipart for use on t-shirts. Many of the clipart options below are royalty free but note that you are ultimately responsible for reading the fine print and determining the appropriate and legal use of the images. We have also provided some resources below regarding copyright and trademarks of images in general. We have the largest amount of details on finding t-shirt clipart.

T-Shirt Clipart

Clip art at Clipart.com
One of the most popular resources for clipart used on t-shirts. With over 6 million images and daily, weekly, and monthly subscriptions it is a great resources for adding a little to pizzaz your t-shirt designs. The clipart can be used freely on t-shirts but photographs have some additional restraints. While much of the clipart is kind of crappy and can't be used as an individual image on a shirt the images provide a great base or accent to a design. Searching and looking through millions of images takes time so grab a cup of Joe and start looking for the hidden jems.

Retro Ad Art at Retro Ad Art
Retro Ad Art offers over 1,800 royalty free black & white 1950's-style vintage ad clipart. The images come at 1200 dpi each, and when they are converted to RGB they are over 60 megs making them big enough to make wall posters. While the clipart is royalty free it but does require that their name be mentioned somewhere on the product. Currently they only sell a cd-rom with 1,800 images for $179. Sorta pricey but the cd does come with a ton of images. Haven't bought the cd yet, if you have let us know what you think.

Retro Clipart at RetroClipart.com
Retro Clipart offers over 1,000 high quality, black & white retro artwork in vector EPS format. The clipart is royalty free but requires that for use on t-shirts that the company name be included in the artwork. The clipart is based interpretations of on original drawingsfrom the 1930s, '40s & '50s. Currently they only sell single images and don't offer bulk discounts. Each image costs about $8.95. Comeback and tell us what you think.

Time Tunnel
Royalty-free vintage clipart, stock photos, & illustrations.Clipart topics include enterrainment, nostalgia, cartoons, pin up girls, and borders and backgrounds. Time tunnel features clipart from a few different companies and offer bundle discounts when you purchase three of more cds at a time. Note that time tunnel sells their own and other companies clip art and many of them don't allow thier art on t-shirts but they mention a "special license". Not sure if its worth a "special license". If you talk to them please come back and tell us their response.


Dover Publications
Dover clipart is available on cd at very reasonable rates. They have a fairly large variety of clipart. While thre prices are right and they have a great variety there are a few things that are kind of annoying. 1. There license is sort of crappy as it only allows up to 10 images to be used from each cd for each project. 2. They don't have previews of all the images on the cds. 3. Some of the cds have images that need fixing up prior to using on t-shirts. Despite these grieviences they still are a valuable resource for t-shirt clip art.

Vector Images
Both Cds and downloads. They have a small selection of general clipart, flags, heraldry, and others. There selection is not large but its nice because you can download individual images, groups of images as well as order cds. I purchased a group of images and the quality was good. From looking at some of the thumbs the general clipart is so-so but have a look and you can be the judge.

I hope you have time for this one cause they have images and clipart from over 50 vendors. Once you find what you like you will then need to figure out what images are royalty free and can be used for t-shirts. Many of them can but its just too much to list them all here. Maybe you can let us know what you find. Many of these images are expensive and come on cds that cost almost $500 making it out of range for many of us but have a look as some are more reasonable.

Clip Art Inc ClipartInc
Another subscription based clipart site that says they are royalty free which is always good. So fr $49.95 which translates to $5 a month you can have access to their clipart repository for 1 year. Normally I would be hesitant to pay for a years time but they do let you see their inventory before subscribing for a year. So, is it worth it? Well it really depends on what you are looking for. There are probably some goodies on their site so have a look and see if they have what you are looking for. Just a note though, the few pieces of clipart I looked at had relatively low resolution and may not work well for printing. If you have tried this site, please let us know what you think.
Open Clipart Library Open Clip Art Library
A great place to search for images or even add your own art to the site. Though they have rules about only submitting art you have a right to submit I would be careful with anything you find on their site. Most is probably fine to use but someone could easily submit someone elses copyrighted image. But really, its a great resource. Let us know your experience with the site!

Public domain image resources


Gimp Savy
Gimp Savy has over 27,000 free photos and images from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS). Each site and group has their own restrictions so read the usage rights carefully.

Wikipedia Wikipedia Public Domain Resources
One of the most comprehensive lists of public domain resources on the internet. But, please remember, just cause its public domain doesn't mean there are no restrictions.

Copyright / Trademark /IP Resources

Image Trademarks United States Patent and Trademark Office
This site is a must visit for anyone who has any doubt as to the legality of printing a word, phrase or design on a t-shirt. Go to the section below trademark and click search. Enter your term and heopfully you won't get any results. But remember just because there are no results in the trademark database doesn't necessarily mean that its legal. Copyright, trademark, and intellectual property are extremely tricky. When in doubt always consult a lawyer to prevent future lawsuits from image violations.
Intellectual Property World Intellectual Property
Everything you need to know about intellectual property. Intellectual property refers to creations of the mind: inventions, literary and artistic works, and symbols, names, images, and designs used in commerce.
US Copyright U.S. Copyright Office
The U.S. Copyright office has all the info you need to learn about copyright.

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Interested in putting some the image you find from the above sites on t-shirts. Want to just make one or a bunch? Interested in selling your t-shirt designs? Visit the web sites below to start creating, buying or selling t-shirts.

At Cafepress you can create, buy, and sell t-shirts, stickers and mugs. Just upload your images and then you can buy it or even open your own t-shirt store for free. It has never been so easy to sell t-shirts.

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At Spreadshirt you can make a shirt for purchase or open a store and start selling your designs. What are you waiting for?



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